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Children of early age that is connected with weak functioning at them fermentativny system are especially sensitive to effect of nitrites and nitrates. For this reason in some countries, for example in Sweden, it is not recommended to give to children of early age separate species of the vegetable plants which are grown up with use of artificial fertilizers even if the content of nitrates in them does not exceed admissible level.

In potatoes the low level of nitrates is noted in pulp of a tuber (51,5 m whereas contains in a thin skin and their core 1,1 - 1,3 times more. To reduce amount of nitrates in the polluted tubers, they are washed, cleared, and then for days of 1% solution of table salt or ascorbic acid. In fruits of pepper sweet red amount of nitrates low, only in a fruit stem it increases. Therefore before the use at fruits cut off the top part adjoining a fruit stem. Similar distribution of nitrates is characteristic and for eggplant fruits.