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If barriers on the way to training in Italy did not destroy at you desire to study at its universities, then collect suitcases and go to one of the most amazing countries where the cultural heritage of the past is organically combined with achievements in the most modern areas - design, fashion, automotive industry, advanced technologies.

First of all, it is art institutes (istituto d'arte) training artists on ceramics and glass, woodcarvers and to metal. Art lyceums (liceo artistico) provide preparation on the fine arts and architecture. In Rome, Florence and Urbino institutes of crafts are open (Istituti Superiore per l'Industria Artistica, ISIA): the first two have specializations in design, and the last - on publishing and to an advertizing.

Preparation for receipt in universities is made in lyceums. There are three of their versions: classical (liceo classico), technical (liceo tecnico) and natural sciences (liceo scientifico). The program of all lyceums includes the Italian literature, Latin, mathematics, physics, natural sciences, philosophy, history.

to submit the application to the Italian Embassy during the period between April 1 and on May 30 (for submission of documents it is possible to choose only one Italian HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION). In case of successful delivery of entrance examination to finish procedure of registration of exit documents no later than November 5.

to pass at the beginning of September entrance examination in specialist subjects for receipt in universities on the following specialties: medicine, stomatology, pharmacy, architecture, law, engineering specialties, Academy of fine arts;

To tell about an education system of Italy - difficult business as it is very confused. The next reform urged to join the Italian system from the European is now carried out. However, it is unlikely it will be able to finish what did not finish numerous reforms of earlier periods. We will try to explain in general to you that to what.

Other educational institutions of this step carry out vocational training. Nine technical institutes (istituto tecnico) and professional institutes (istituto professionale) at which train in crafts, commerce and hotel business treat them.

Applications for receipt are submitted to the Italian university through Embassy of Italy in the country where until the end of February it is necessary to send the documents and questionnaires. For receipt in postgraduate study it is necessary to write directly to the educational institution chosen by you and to coordinate the acceptability of your domestic diploma.

Examinations happen written and oral. Literature, history, linguistics, philology usually are given orally. Each examination demands 99,9% of independent preparation as at lectures give only a small portion of that you have to know about a subject. Cope with examinations of not everyone: the diploma is reached by only three persons from ten arrived.