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From the factors of socialization considered separately the most important and influential still was and remains a parental family as primary cell of society under which influence the child comes before everything when he is most susceptible. Family conditions, including a social status, an occupation, material level and education level of parents, considerably predetermine a course of life of the child. Except conscious, purposeful education which parents give it, the child is influenced by all intra family atmosphere, and the effect of this influence collects with age, refracting in structure of the personality.

The intense need for communication and affiliation turns at many into an invincible herd instinct: they cannot not only stay day, but hour out of the and if the is not present ¾ any company. Such requirement at boys is especially strong.

Informative relations ¾ another as knowledge subject. Most brightly this direction is presented in works of A. A. Bodalev and his followers, etc. in this context other person acts as a subject of perception, understanding or knowledge. On the basis of interpretation of external characteristics the image of another including set of properties and qualities is formed. The knowledge of these properties and qualities makes a basis of interpersonal knowledge and understanding.

The youthful personality is always inconsistent and changeable. The most widespread and typical mistake of teachers ¾ inability to make out deep properties, a kernel of the identity of the senior, estimating it on some average, formal and external indicators, such as external discipline and educational progress.

The same difficulties, as parents, endure the teacher. Work of the teacher in comparison with the patriarchal past considerably became complicated, and it is especially difficult to deal with seniors. And not because children or teachers became worse but because requirements imposed to that and others became more inconsistent.

One of the main tendencies of youthful age ¾ reorientation of communication from parents, teachers and in general seniors on the age-mates more or less equal by situation. Such reorientation can happen slowly and gradually or in steps and roughly, it is differently expressed in different fields of activity in which the prestige of seniors and contemporaries is not identical, but there is it surely.

Most of all children at youthful age would like to see in parents of friends and advisers. At all their thirst for independence, young men and girls are in great need in life experience and the help of seniors. They cannot discuss many exciting problems at all with contemporaries as stirs vanity. And what advice the person who lived also a little can give, how are you? the Family remains that place where the teenager, the young man feels most quietly and surely. However relationship of seniors with parents is often burdened with the conflicts and their mutual understanding leaves much to be desired.

The exception is made by M. I. Lisina's works in which the communication of the child with other people understood as activity was an object of research, and the relations with others and an image of and another act as a product of this activity.

The relations of people represent special type of reality which is not reduced neither to joint activity, nor to communication, to interaction. The subjective and fundamental importance of this reality for human life and development of his personality does not raise doubts.

At the same time the relation is inseparably linked with action. It generates action, changes and will be transformed in operation and itself is formed and arises in operation. The personal sense is and forming consciousnesses (which, as we know, precedes action) both the main characteristic of action, and its result. The received relation can be both a source of action, and its product, but can not be as not always the relation expresses itself in external activity.

Features of interpersonal human relations, being in the subordination relations, have essential impact on nature of motivation, self-esteem level, ability to self-control of the persons who are in the subordinate or a dependency.

The best relationship of seniors with parents develops usually when parents adhere to democratic style of education. This style most promotes education of independence, activity, an initiative and social responsibility. The behavior of the child goes in this case consistently and at the same time flexibly and rationally: